Learn new skills to boost your productivity

It’s a great time to be in information technology even after the technology bust. The technology-fueled new economy has dramatically increased the demand for skilled information technology (IT) professionals. Although all sectors of IT have shown rapid growth, the fastest growth areas are those with skills in Internet development, networking, Cyber security, IT Technician and Telecommunications. For instance, people with few years of experience in these areas have seen salary increased.

There are two reasons for demand in networking expertise. First, Internet and communication deregulation has significantly changed how businesses operate and has spawned thousands of small start-up companies. Second, a host of new hardware and software innovations have significantly changed the way networking is done. These trends and the shortage of qualified network experts have also led to the rise in certification. Most large vendors of network technologies, such as Microsoft Corporation and Cisco Systems, Inc., provide certification processes that allow technicians to frequently upgrade their skills as new technology emerges.