Take our self-study CompTIA Certifications online training courses. CompTIA training helps you in your current job, give you an edge in your career or may push you in a new direction.

Geebro Academy is a CompTIA Authorized Partner training provider with access to all CompTIA training materials.

At Geebro Academy, we understand students busy schedule so we decided to offer each CompTIA course with 3 months Live Online Training while teaching take 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday. We also offer varieties of options you can choose from. Beginning with Self-study, Lab Courses, Exam Vouchers and more!

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Reach and exceed required skills level for the career you want to pursue. Geebro Academy has a comprehensive selection of top-level online learning modules to help you be confident, qualified, and career-ready! Our state-of-the-art, CertMaster Learner platform gives participant hands-on practicum experience from lab courses enrollment. 

To Our Students

As you are aware, acquiring certified certification can be quite costly, therefore we strive to ensure that all CompTIA resources are available to you. We understand the significant investment made in your training and we want you to take full advantage of the learning opportunities and resources at your disposal. Make the most out of your courses, practice exam questions, eBooks, Practice Labs, workshops and any other academic support services offered to enhance your understanding and skills.

Geebro Academy is a Registered Recognized Academy Training provider in Canada. Our credentials are recognized and we are qualified to offer all certifications and Diplomas
We're quite different from the following online training providers

  • Udemy
  • Cbt nuggets
  • LinkeddIn Learning and more

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Membership advantages

Online On-Demand Access

Learn what you want when you want via your Computer or mobile device

Courses + Exam Vouchers

On-demand, Instructor-led certification training specializing for IT and CompTIA Data+ careers

Authorized Training

Official and authorized training curriculums from CompTIA

Earn CompTIA CEUs

Earn Continuing Education Units credits from CompTIA based on your request or preference.

Live Online Training

As Authorized Training Provider, our students have access to practice questions, labs, eBooks, Exams, and more!

Certification Exam Preps

Prepare members for IT and Project Management career skill & certification exams

Final Exams

Test your knowledge on the entire course series to ensure comprehension of the material

Expert Lectures

Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts

Certificates of Completion

Earn a Certificate of Completion for each Course Series completed

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