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Reach and even exceed the required skill level for the career you want to pursue. Geebro Academy has a comprehensive selection of top-level online learning modules to help you be confident, qualified, and career-ready! Our state-of-the-art, managed learning platform also tracks participant progress from program enrollment, course tracking, and data reporting for employer organizations of all sizes.

About Our Courses

Geared toward enhancing business and technical career skills, we utilize the most engaging content to streamline fast and effective learning. Our courses are taught by specially trained instructors, so you can be equipped with all up-to-date information on any given topic.

Project Management

We bring you highly informative modules that best prepare individuals for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam. Known as the world’s leading project management accreditation, our PMP course helps individuals across all industries and job positions boost productivity and performance.

Business Skills

Select from a number of lectures that teach you how to best navigate workplace computer programs including systems from Microsoft and Cisco. Our lectors utilize comprehensive and interactive content that maximizing the use of specific platforms to help you yield your best work, every time.

IT and Networking

With the fast rise of internet-based businesses, we gear our learners toward the mastery of several vital topics on information technology and virtual network management. Our courses drive effective learning from comprehendible content that covers everything from platform design, troubleshooting, implementation, installation, and many more.

Cyber Security

Master the skills and concepts that can help you in protecting any business cyberspace. We optimize the expertise of seasoned industry specialists to give every participant the latest, most critical insider knowledge in cybersecurity.

Office Productivity

Streamline workplace efficiency with premier learning materials that focus on effective productivity practices and techniques. We delve into everything from optimal time management, data tracking platforms, and more resources for your benefit.

Software developer

Do you want to become a creative mind behind the computer program? Want to look for end user’s need and desire to design a software accordingly? All you need is to learn how to develop a software, as a software developer you will need to prove your knowledge though some authentic certifications!
We are providing specialization in software development courses that will address the process of developing software, including learning of tools and methodologies, programming languages, software architecture and testing

Cloud Management

Differentiate yourself in the field of IT by learning how to properly deal with the cloud computing. Through our Online Cloud Management Courses we teach cloud architectures, services, hosting and more. Take online cloud computing courses from Geebro Academy and advance your career in cloud computing build your skills.
Either you are interested in using the cloud at your work place, at home, or want to setup a cloud computing network we will guide you step by step and help you in learning the basic skills that will help you in understanding cloud computing.

IT Services Management

Through this Online IT Management courses you will gain the perfect skills to manage an IT environment, facilitate and effective communication skills and will learn to lead with vision. As we all are aware that managing an IT environment is totally different from traditional management system. Our IT Management Certifications will guide you completely about an IT environment and you will learn basic management skills that will help you grow in an IT firm.

Real live practice-labs

With the Ultimate Lab Library, you can get unlimited access to our Entire Certification Lab Library for 12 months. Our Hands-on Real Live-Labs allow you to experience practical application of course concepts in authentic environment without purchasing expensive software or equipment. Try out your new skills as you learn!

Membership advantages

Online On-Demand Access

Learn what you want when you want via your Computer or mobile device

1500+ Video Courses

On-demand, Instructor-led certification training specializing for IT and Project Management careers

Authorized Training

Official and authorized training curriculums from Mile2, PMI and more

Earn CPEs and CEUs

Earn hundreds of Continuing Education Units and Continuing Professional Education Credits

Obtain 173 PDUs

As a PMI® Registered Education Provider, our members can earn up to 173 PDUs

Certification Exam Preps

Prepare members for IT and Project Management career skill & certification exams

Final Exams

Test your knowledge on the entire course series to ensure comprehension of the material

Expert Lectures

Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts

Certificates of Completion

Earn a Certificate of Completion for each Course Series completed

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