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Self-study Career Online IT and Business Training

Geebro Academy offers all CompTIA online training courses and Exam Vouchers. The academy provide easy access learning environment where students could access their courses and labs anytime from any anywhere without having to purchase expensive devices or equipment. Furthermore, we provide online Hands-on Practice Lab that delivers cutting edge technology allowing students to develop hands-on skills in shortest among of time.

Why Choose Geebro Academy?

Geebro Academy serves as a bridge between online contents' providers and students. Therefore, delivering the most popular, advance courses and labs. Even thought, online trainings solved skills shortages, however, the cost of courses and labs are skyrocketing. With Geebro Academy, we provide the most advance courses and labs at affordable prices.

Real Live Hands-on Practical Lab
Geebro Academy style of learning means that you learn skills along with workplace experience required at your job. Our students are serious, career-minded who have come to realize the true value of hands-on skills in today’s increasing demanding work force.

Courses And Labs Duration
Geebro Academy does not imposed mandatory time frame on courses or labs completion. Therefore a course or a lab time of completion is based on students self-study schedule. However, students are given 12 months unlimited access 24/7 365 days to their online courses and labs. Students should always download course outline in order to view course duration prior to enrolling

Who's Benefit?
Domestic and International students now have the opportunity to become certified through our partnership agreement with certified certification providers. Students learn at their own pace without time constraint. By completing their online training, students have various options to register for their official exams.
Why Get Certified?
According to mindhub research Why get certify?
Technology is

transforming the landscape of every business in every industry. As organizations become more reliant on complex and specialized technology, the demand for professionals with advanced skills and the latest knowledge grows exponentially.

The most effective, proven way for IT professionals to demonstrate these skills is through certification. As a result, the survey concluded the following result.

These are:

89% likely to recommend certification to peers.

91% reported greater confidence in their abilities.

86% plan to pursue additional certifications.

76% enjoy increased respect from peers.

"2021 Pearson VUE Value of IT Certification Survey Report"

In addition, we are a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) by project management institute. Our provider number is 4058. This mean students can use their credit and register to become PMI certified in less than a year. Please see our student benefit page on how you can become PMI certified as well as other certifications providers.

Geebro Academy offers career certification focusing on skills development and accessibilities. Our credits are non-transferable to any college or university.

Our Mission

Geebro Academy partner with Vendors and content providers to  deliver high-quality on-demand IT, Project Management, Business Skills courses and Live Hands-on Practice Lab to meet employers' requirements.


To become British Columbia largest self-study online training provider through skills and career development while allowing you to study around your busy schedule.

Furthermore, newly release courses and labs are added automatically with no additional charges.


To provide easy access online learning platform through quality, accountability, collaboration and engagement.

How To Achieve Success

At Geebro Academy, we bring success to your doorstep. We make that possible through our online training platform and study materials. With the best instructors in the world and practice tests, we guarantee your career is in good hands. Remember, our goal is to help you go from where you are to where you want to be in 90 days.


  • Avoid pressuring yourself to complete a course or lab
  • Know your high school math - equivalent to grade 10 or 12
  • watch the training video over and over till you understand every quote
  • Conduct research on keywords or phrases if you need to
  • Know your goal and the benefit in it for you
  • Ask yourself a question such as “do I need ordinary certificate or want to get certified?”
  • Make sure to practice demo exercises for hands-on skills
  • Always be excited and develop habit of success at the end of your training
  • Take a frequent break for relaxation
  • Ask questions if you need to through our chat line
  • Make sure you pass the quizzes at the end of each chapter
  • Request for eBook if you're a beginner
  • Avoid listening to discouraging news such as those who fail their CCNA Exam or other certified exams
  • Always picture yourself working at your dreamt job after completing your course training
  • Prior to enrolling in a course or lab, test drive our demo courses. It's free!