CompTIA A+ Certification (Exams 220-1001 & 220-1002)




The Overview
A+ Certification is the computer industry recognized credential that certifies the competency of PC Service Specialists. It is sponsored by CompTIA – the Computing Technology Industry Association, and tests are administered by
Pearson VUE. This certification program is backed by over 50 Major computer hardware and software manufacturers, vendors, distributors, resellers, and publications. Certification provides a wealth of benefits to any person seeking a job in the computer industry! Your successful computer career can start with this one course, or it can serve as proof of your computer hardware and operating system knowledge as a professional already in your field.

The Outline
Duration: 15h 30m

Lesson 01 – IT Professional Soft Skill
Lesson 02 – Safety for You and Computer Components
Lesson 03 – System Component Overview
Lesson 04 – Understanding Motherboards
Lesson 05 – Understanding Processors
Lesson 06 – Understanding Types of Memory
Lesson 07 – Understanding BIOS and CMOS
Lesson 08 – Hard Drives and Storage Devices
Lesson 09 – Power Supplies and Voltage
Lesson 10 – Ports, Cables, and Connectors
Lesson 11 – Input and Output Devices
Lesson 12 – Managing Printers
Lesson 13 – Mobile Devices, Multimedia, and Laptop Computers
Lesson 14 – Preventive Maintenance
Lesson 15 – Troubleshooting Procedures
Lesson 16 – Operating Systems
Lesson 17 – Managing Files
Lesson 18 – Applications Utility, Troubleshooting, and Optimization
Lesson 19 – Configuring Device Drivers
Lesson 20 – Networking and Wireless Connections
Lesson 21 – Recovering Systems and Disaster Recovery
Lesson 22 – Cloud Computing
Lesson 23 – Security Fundamentals


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